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Who needs Motor Trade Insurance?

Anyone who runs or owns a business related to the motor trade will benefit from having a specialist Motor Trade Insurance policy in place. In addition to the standard business insurance cover that you might expect (Employers and Public Liability, for example), it will have specialist features such as Road Risk, providing specific protection against some of the unique risks that your business faces. Business types include:

Trade Car Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Motor Traders Insurance

A wide range of motor traders can get the right cover in place quickly.

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Commercial Garage Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Commercial Garage Insurance

If you run a business servicing, repairing or MOT’ing vehicles, why not get a quote?

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Motorcycle Trade Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Motorcycle Traders Insurance

If you buy and sell motorbikes, quotes can be provided to reflect your needs.

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Tailored insurance solutions for all businesses

One size rarely fits all, and our insurance experts can help you find the just the right cover for your business.

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Which specialist covers might someone working in the motor trade need?

The specifics of the Traders Insurance policy you need will vary depending on nature of your business.

Accompanied Demonstration use – Whether you are selling cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle, it’s likely that your customers may wish to ‘try before they buy’. Cover can be arranged to allow that to happen.

Road Risk – In addition to customers wanting to test drive vehicles, you will need to be able to drive all vehicles in your custody and control. That might include your own business vehicles as well as stock and customers vehicles that you need to pick up and deliver, or drive for diagnostic purposes.

Standard business insurance covers that someone working in the motor trade may need

Beyond these considerations, there are a number of underlying covers that a motor traders insurance policy is likely to include. These may be:

  • Motor Traders Public Liability Insurance. It’s likely that members of the public – your customers – will visit your premises. Whether they’re wandering around the forecourt or sitting in the waiting area while you change a tyre, you could face a claim if something were to go wrong.
  • Motor Traders Employers Liability Insurance. If you have one or more employees, even on a casual or part-time basis, you will be required by law to have Employers Liability cover.
  • Product Liability Insurance. You are very likely to need Product Liability Insurance if you supply parts to be fitted to a vehicle as part of a repair service. If the part was to fail and cause an accident at a later date, you could face claims as the supplier of the faulty part, even where you didn’t actually manufacture it yourself.
  • Material Damage – Buildings, Contents, tools, machinery and plant etc

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Why use Viking Direct Insurance Services to compare insurance policies?

Getting the correct Motor Trade policy can be bewildering. But getting it wrong could leave you with exposures that might cost your business dearly.

Why not pick up the phone to an advisor today? Working with a range of leading UK insurers – from Aviva to Zurich – the UK based team of insurance specialists offer genuinely independent advice from a UK call centre. So, give the specialist team a call today, and find out how much you could save on your traders policy. Call Viking Direct Insurance today on 01384 210099.

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