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Why compare Tradesman insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Cover for a wide range of trades including plumbers, carpenters and electrical contractors
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  • Tool insurance
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Who Needs Tradesman Liability Insurance?

No matter whether you’re working on a building site, in someone’s home or at commercial premises, you need to consider Tradesman Insurance. It is designed to protect your tradesman business from a range of potential claims. Cover is typically flexed to reflect the trade that you are in, ensuring that you get the adequate protection that you do need, without paying for cover that you don’t. The risks facing a scaffolder – working at height – will be different to those facing a landscape gardener, for example.

As a tradesman, it’s likely that you are working as a sub-contractor to a main contractor, or else dealing with an end client in your own right. In either situation, it’s possible that there will be a contract in place. Where there is, it is likely to stipulate some minimum covers that you are expected to have in place in order to do the work. A Tradesman Insurance policy can be designed to meet such criteria, leaving you free to get on with the job in hand.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What does Tradesman Insurance Cover?

As already highlighted, the precise inclusions vary to reflect your trade, but also your business specifically. At the core of a policy will be the liability covers, but you can also go further – for example if you have premises, a work van and tools and machinery or plant, these can all be rolled into the policy. Typically on a Tradesman Insurance policy, you would expect to find:

  • Employers Liability – This will protect you from legal and compensation claims should any of your employees have an accident or worse as a direct result of working for you. The UK construction sector is recognised by the HSE as one of the most risky to work in, so having adequate protection with regards to staff is important – in fact EL Insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you have any employees, even volunteers or casual labourers.
  • Public Liability – PL Insurance provides cover against legal costs and compensation payouts in the event that a member of the public, or even a Building Standards Inspector visiting your site were to have an accident.
  • Tool Insurance – Tools are the backbone of your business and should not be underestimated. Tools are often collected over a period of time and can amount to a large sum of money. If your tools were to be lost, stolen or damaged, would you be able to buy everything in one go and start back at work immediately?
  • Hired In or Own Plant – Any plant you own should be insured – it’s likely to be a valuable business asset. Where you hire plant for a particular job, you are liable for even for and can be forced to pay for any repairs and rent for the plant whilst the repairs are taking place. Buying hired in plant cover as part of your annual policy is often far more cost-effective.
  • Contract works – Effectively this is insurance for your work in progress. So if you’re contracted to a house extension, it provides protection for the structure and your work in it as it is underway.

What other Insurance for tradesmen might be relevant?

As already stated, a policy can be designed to accommodate additional business requirements as appropriate. If you do have premises where you have business equipment and stock, which can be included on the policy. Likewise if you have vans or other commercial vehicles that you use in the day to day running of the business.

If you are unsure about the cover that you need, why not speak to an advisor? They will be happy to discuss your business and make recommendations as required.

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Comparing Tradesman Insurance policies can be bewildering. Small print loaded with jargon isn’t many people’s idea of fun. But making the right choice for your business is really important.

With quotations available from a range of leading UK insurers – from Aviva to Zurich – and a UK based team of insurance specialists offer genuinely independent advice from a UK call centre. So, give the team a call today, and find out how much you could save on your tradesman liability insurance cover.

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