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Why compare Contractors Insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

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Who Needs Contractors Cover?

As a contractor working in the construction industry, you’re fighting on two fronts when it comes to insurance. You and your team work in hazardous environments (building sites are dangerous places) and with a range of specialist tools as well as plant and machinery. You’ve probably got commercial vehicles that you need to insure – and you may have premises, too. You will want to protect these valuable assets. Then when you’re day on site is done, you need to wrestle with the world of contracts and liabilities – ensuring you have the right paperwork that satisfies the main contractor and end client, as well as ensuring you’re not at risk of a claim being made by an injured worker or member of the public.

A Contractors Insurance policy can be designed to accommodate all of these perils under a single document – leaving you free to get on with the job in hand.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What can be included in a Contractors Insurance policy?

The principle insurance covers that concern most construction contractors are employers and public liability insurance. And that’s because they are the two covers that main contractors and clients are likely to insist that you have in place, and also because they are the two claims that you’re most likely to face. But there are a range of other insurance covers that may be relevant to you as a construction contractor. These include:

  • Contractors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance – This protects you in a situation where professional advice that you offer is deemed to be erroneous. Professional Indemnity insurance protects you from the legal costs of a defence, as well as any compensation that is awarded where you are proven to be at fault.
  • Contractor Tools and Equipment Insurance – Depending on what trade you work in, it’s likely that you will have specialist tools and equipment that you store on your premises but use on-site regularly.
  • Contractors Business Interruption Insurance – If you suffer from a fire or flood at your premises, your property and contents insurance would take care of the costs associated with any repair work or replacement of items. But they wouldn’t allow for the loss of trading that you’re likely to suffer. What would happen if you simply had nowhere to store stock, or use plant and workshop machinery? This is where Business Interruption comes in. It can pay out (up to agreed indemnity limits) for your loss of earnings as a business while work is being carried out or items repaired or replaced.

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Buying insurance policies can be time-consuming. Small print loaded with jargon isn’t many people’s idea of fun, either. But making the right choice for your business is really important.

With quotations available from a range of leading UK insurers – from Aviva to Zurich – and a UK based team of construction insurance specialists offer genuinely independent advice from a UK call centre. So, give the team a call today, and find out how much you could save on your contractors’ liability insurance cover.

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