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Why buy your Construction Insurance from Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Get quotes from a range of leading insurance brands
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  • Cover available for wide range of construction trades
  • Individual and fleet cover available for vans, trucks and commercial vehicles that you use as a tradesman or contractor

Who is a Construction Business Insurance policy for?

If you own or manage a business operating within the construction sector, you can benefit from a construction insurance policy. Of course, you could choose to take out an individual cover as the need arises – for example where a main contractor stipulates that a sub-contractor must have a certain level of Public Liability insurance as a condition of their contract – but often it can be cheaper and more convenient to buy an annual policy that covers many aspects of cover in a single policy. For this reason we only offer annual policies.

A wide range of businesses, including self-employed sole traders and Limited Companies can be catered for:

Tradesman Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Tradesman Insurance

A range of covers available for tradesmen from plumber to plasterer, electrician to tiler – and many more!

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Contractors Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Contractor Insurance

Available for main and sub-contractors working in a wide range of trades within the construction sector

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Builders Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Builders Insurance

Cover for building contractors working on residential and commercial property builds and renovations

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Contract Works Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Contract Works Insurance

Protection for builders and a wide range of tradesmen, providing cover for ‘works in progress’

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Latent Defects Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Latent Defects Insurance

Covers defective design, systems or products and materials for months or years after a completion

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Tailored insurance solutions for all businesses

One size rarely fits all, and our insurance experts can help you find the just the right cover for your business.

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What is included on a policy?

A construction insurance policy is typically made up of a number of insurance covers that address the common requirements for tradesmen and businesses working in the construction sector. It can be tailored to meet your particular requirements – and also those of your clients or main contractor – but will typically include liability insurance (employers, public and product, where appropriate) as standard. The policy can also include a range of further protections – ranging from tools cover through to Legal cover.

Cover can be arranged for a wide variety of trades and provision can also be made to include more specialist covers such as Works In Progress and Latent Defects.

Construction Contractors All Risk insurance

Building sites are dangerous places. At any given time, there might be a number of trades on site, trying to get ‘their bit’ done. Contractors All Risk insurance (sometimes referred to CAR) is a specialist, non-standard policy designed for any contractor or tradesman working on a building site.

The main purpose of CAR is to protect the contractor or tradesman from costs in the event that something goes wrong during a project – effectively protection for ‘work in progress’ on the building site. This can include fire and flood risk to the work itself, as well as protection for tools and plant or machinery while on location.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What is typically included on an insurance policy for construction businesses?

Construction insurance is a bit of a catchall term. In reality, a policy would be tailored to suit your specific trade and business needs. For example, if you weld, you’ll need specific cover for working with heat. Scaffolder or builder? You’ll need cover that reflects the risks associated with working at height. That said, there are a number of covers that are likely to be needed by most construction contractors and tradesmen:

  • Employers Liability – No matter what trade you are in, if you have staff (even part-time or casual labour) you must have EL by law.
  • Public Liability – Protect yourself from claims made by members of the public that have been injured or otherwise suffered a loss as a result of your work.
  • Tools and equipment insurance – For many tradesmen, tools and equipment are the lifeblood of your day to day business. What would happen if they were stolen overnight? Have you ever stopped to think about what their accumulated value is?
  • Owned and hired in plant – Where you hire in specialist plant for a specific job, you’ll need insurance as a condition of the hire contract. Buying cover on an annual basis can be far more cost-effective than short-term plant hire insurance.

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Comparing Construction Insurance can be bewildering. Small print loaded with jargon isn’t many people’s idea of fun. But making the right choice for your business is really important.

Working with a range of leading UK insurers – from Aviva to Zurich –the UK based team of insurance specialists offer genuinely independent advice from a UK call centre. So, give the specialist team a call today, and find out how much you could save on your construction insurance.

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