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Why compare Van Insurance from Viking Direct Insurance Services?

There are a range of benefits when arranging van insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services:

  • Get quotes from a range of leading insurance brands
  • Quick turnaround on quotes and documentation
  • Flexible payment & finance options
  • Cover available for wide range of trades, professions and businesses
  • Van Fleet and van mini fleet insurance available for businesses operating two or more vehicles

Who needs Van Insurance?

It’s reckoned that there are in excess of 4 million vans on UK roads, and that annually they cover around 50 billion miles. From couriers dropping off goods door to door, tradesman getting to and from the building site with their tools and equipment, through to the mobile mechanic off to do a roadside repair, British businesses of all shapes and sizes need the right insurance cover in place for their van.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What is van cover?

If you use any vehicle for commercial or business purposes, insurers recognise that you are exposed to some risks that you may not be in a private car. For this reason, you will need a specialist Van Insurance policy for business use.

You need a van insurance policy to legally drive on UK roads. Just like a personal motor insurance policy, there are three levels of cover available:

Third Party Only

Protecting you only from claims of injury or loss from third parties, this is the minimum level of insurance cover required by UK law

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Third Party Fire and Theft

A level up, this also provides protection in the event of a theft or fire damage. You still wouldn’t be covered in the event of an accident that is deemed to be your fault.

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Providing the widest cover available, this affords you protection even in the event of an accident where you are at fault. Typically, this level of protection comes with some extras – for example windscreen cover – as standard.

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What other insurance cover should I consider when taking out an Insurance policy?

If you are using a van for commercial reasons, there is likely to be a range of other considerations from an insurance perspective. What are you carrying in the van? Where you are carrying goods for customers, it’s likely that they will expect certain insurance covers to be in place. What would be the impact on your business if, say, your tools were stolen from your van? If you were involved in an accident and the van was unavailable for a number of days or even weeks, what would the impact be on your work?

There are therefore a range of additional insurance cover options available that are well worth thinking about when taking out a Van Insurance policy. These include:

  • Van breakdown cover
  • Goods in Transit insurance
  • Replacement vehicle insurance
  • Tools cover

Buying cover for your van is easy with Viking Direct Insurance Services

Buying a Van Insurance policy from Viking Direct Insurance Services is straightforward. If, like many customers, you’re struggling to understand the small print, you will be helped to navigate your way through the wording and get the protection that you need in place without paying over the odds. You will also be advised where additional covers may be relevant, ensuring peace of mind so that you can get on with running your business.

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