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Why buy Goods in Transit Insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Cover available for sole traders as well as Limited Companies
  • Flexible payment & finance options
  • Accidental Damage cover
  • Haulage or own goods
  • Cover for trailers

Why do you need Goods In Transit Insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance (sometimes referred to as GIT Insurance) covers you in the event that goods you are carrying, whether your own or on behalf of a third party, are lost, damaged or stolen while in your vehicle. The unexpected loss of your goods could cause substantial disruption and financial hardship for your business as well as onward issues for suppliers and customers.

What cover does a GIT policy provide?

A Goods-in-transit policy will protect you from:

  • Theft (while in transit)
  • Loss (while in transit)
  • Accidental damage during transit
  • Damage caused during transit
  • The consequences of any untoward delay (in some cases)

There are two types of Goods in Transit cover available:

  • New-for-old where items are replaced at their current market value
  • Indemnity cover where the insurance company will take into account general wear and tear and depreciation

You should check which type of cover you are being offered. There may, for example, be a limit to the amount you can insure for each vehicle or any one consignment so you should check the details of the policy.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

How much does GIT insurance cover cost?

The cost of a Goods In Transit insurance policy depends on a number of factors – principally the value of the goods being carried. Other considerations will include what vehicle you are using to carry goods and what security you have in place.

Whether you are carrying your own goods to a single destination, or transporting a third parties’ items to a number of locations will also have an influence on the cost of your policy.

It’s important to ensure that you have adequate protection in place to avoid being underinsured. Why not speak with an advisor who can help you with policy selection?

Why choose Viking Direct Insurance Services for your Goods In Transit insurance?

Whatever goods you are carrying, it’s important to have the right protection in place when it comes to Goods In Transit. If you are carrying your own goods, you should consider what impact it would have on your business should the worse happen and they were lost, damaged or stolen. If you are carrying goods for a Third Party, you may have a contractual liability to take out a certain level of cover.

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