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Why buy Insurance for manufacturing with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Commercial Buildings and Content Cover
  • Public and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Tools and equipment
  • Goods in Transit

Who needs Manufacturers Business Insurance?

If you own or manage a business operating in the manufacturing industry, you can benefit from a Manufacturing Insurance policy. It will include a range of covers suitable for your business.

A range of liability insurance covers can be included, protecting you from costs of legal defence in the event that a claim is made by either a member of staff or the public, alleging that they have been injured or otherwise suffered a loss as a consequence of your business activity. It can also provide cover for your manufacturing premises, as well as stock, plant and machinery.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What else might I need to consider when buying Insurance?

Working in the manufacturing sector, your business is likely to be impacted by changes in regulation (safety standards, for example) as well as a volatile supply chain. Depending on what you manufacture, there may be environmental liabilities to consider, too. It could be that you are a food manufacturer and need to consider contamination or food poisoning risks.

Outside of what happens ‘on the factory floor’ you may also need to consider insurance for your goods as they are being delivered to customers. Whether you have your own fleet or use third parties, Goods in Transit cover can be arranged.

Every manufacturing business is slightly different. Getting the right Manufacturers’ insurance policy in place means finding the right types and levels of cover. If you are unsure about the cover that you need, it’s well worth speaking with an advisor who will be happy to help.

Why choose Viking Direct Insurance Services for my Manufacturers Insurance?

Running a manufacturing business means dealing with a range of considerations and challenges every day. You have to manage your premises, production runs, distribution, equipment and stock levels. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend valuable time worrying about insurance. Business insurance small print can be bewildering and takes time to understand. Viking recognise this and aim to make your insurance purchase as pain-free and quick as possible!

Viking Direct Insurance Services has been established to offer fast, cost-effective, business insurance solutions exactly when you need them. With a selection of policy options from over 75 insurers, there’s a wide choice and it’s all backed up by a UK based call centre. Why not get in touch today and see what you could save on your Manufacturers’ Insurance policy?

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