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Why buy IT Engineer Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • We offer a wide range of cover options:
  • IT contractor professional indemnity insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Legal expenses
  • Contractor Sickness Cover

Do IT Engineers need insurance?

Anyone who works as an IT Engineer, or who owns or runs an IT Engineering business, can benefit from an IT Engineer Insurance policy. It will include a range of covers that will protect your business and your clients should something go wrong.

A range of liability insurance covers can be included, protecting you from costs of legal defence in the event that a claim is made by either a member of staff or the public, alleging they have been injured or otherwise suffered a loss as a consequence of your business activity.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What protection does IT Engineer Insurance provide?

The range and levels of cover that you need will depend on what sort of IT Engineering business or services you operate.

Due to the service-based nature of IT engineering, professional indemnity insurance for IT consultants and employees is a must. This will help to protect your business from the financial impact of a claim relating to alleged mistakes or unsatisfactory work.

Public Liability Insurance will help to safeguard against the financial impact of accidents. Typically this could include the cost of a court case and any compensation you need to pay.

If your firm employs IT Engineers, Employers’ Liability Insurance will cover you should an employee make a claim for a work-related illness or injury. In many cases, this is a legal requirement, even if your business simply consists of you and a spouse to do the books.

You will also need to consider the more standard covers that many businesses will need – protection for your premises and contents as well as business interruption. You may wish to add specific items too, such as Contractor Sickness Cover or Jury Service and Legal Protection.

All of these aspects can be tailored around your business.

Why choose Viking Direct Insurance Services for my IT Engineer Insurance?

Working as an IT Engineer, or running an IT Engineering business, means focusing on providing intricate advice and services that could leave a company vulnerable. Choosing the right level of cover for your business means you can retain complete focus on your service offering, safe in the knowledge that you are covered should something go wrong.

Business insurance small print can be bewildering and take time to understand. Viking recognise this and aim to make your insurance purchase as pain-free and quick as possible.

Viking Direct Insurance Services has been established to offer fast, cost-effective, business insurance solutions exactly when you need them. With a selection of policy options from over 75 insurers, there’s a wide choice and it’s all backed up by a UK based call centre.

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