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Why buy D&O Insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Cover for ‘non-standard’ items
  • ‘All risks’ Cover as standard
  • Worldwide cover
  • All areas of regulatory investigation
  • Lifetime ‘run off’ cover for retired directors
  • Defence costs

Who needs D&O Insurance?

D&O Insurance should be considered by any business wishing to protect the directors and key decision maker’s personal assets and protect them from costs in the event a claim is made against them personally.

Many business owners and managers of Limited Companies assume that the Limited company status protects them from personal claims. In fact, it may not, and that’s where D&O cover can be invaluable.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What protection does D&O cover provide to business Directors?

Being able to tailor protection means that every policy is unique. However, a typical policy can be arranged to include cover for claims relating to:

  • 2006 Companies Act (over 250 offences)
  • Insolvency Act (“Wrongful Trading”)
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Data Protection Act & Cyber Liability
  • Consumer Protection Legislation
  • Company Directors Disqualification Act
  • Financial Services Act
  • Company Securities (Insider Dealing) Act
  • EC Directives
  • and Regulations Racial & Sexual Discrimination Legislation

Why choose Viking Direct Insurance Services for D&O Insurance?

A D&O insurance policy arranged via Viking Direct Insurance Services offers comprehensive protection for directors. In addition to protection from the range of potential perils outlined above, other features include:

  • Worldwide cover – We recognise that today’s business environment can see companies operating across national borders where rules may be different. Worldwide cover ensures that you have protection in place no matter where you do business.
  • Lifetime ‘run off’ cover for retired directors – It’s not uncommon for a claim to arise months and even years after a ‘claims event’ has taken place, Run off cover ensures that Directors and Officers are protected for a number of years, even after retirement or moving onto a new company.

Working as a company Director or Officer comes with significant responsibility – morally, ethically and legislatively. You will be making hundreds of decisions on a weekly basis and across a broad range of business activity. Even the most diligent professional makes mistakes occasionally. Having the right D&O cover in place offers peace of mind, allowing you to get on and run your business without having to overthink every single decision that you make.

Viking Direct Insurance Services has been established to offer fast, cost-effective, business insurance solutions exactly when you need them. With a selection of policy options from over 75 insurers, there’s a wide choice and it’s all backed up by a UK based call centre. Why not get in touch today and see what you could save on your D&O Insurance policy?

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