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Why buy Insurance for your cleaning business with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Cover available for domestic and commercial cleaning business types
  • Cover for curtain and carpet cleaning specialists
  • Personal Accident
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance

Who needs Cleaners’ Business Liability Insurance?

If you own or run a cleaning business, then it’s likely that you could benefit from a Cleaning Business Insurance policy. Quotes are available for businesses who offer:

  • Office and / or business premises cleaning
  • Domestic cleaner services
  • Specialists in carpet and / or curtain cleaning

It could be that you’re a sole trader, picking up domestic and residential jobs locally on a word-of-mouth basis. Or you could run a limited company, fulfilling contracts with commercial landlords across a range of office sites. While the levels of indemnity (the maximum amount that a policy will pay out in the event of a claim) will vary, you will still have some of the same considerations to make, particularly with regard to your business liability cover needs.

What is included on a Cleaners Insurance policy?

While a Cleaners Insurance policy can be tailored to reflect your business’s particular needs, there are a number of key covers that you are likely to need in place. These may be contractual where you work for property owners running managed offices. They may just mean cost-effective peace of mind!

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance for cleaners
  • Public liability insurance for cleaners
  • Professional indemnity

All of the above are important insurance for cleaners to consider. They deal with potential liabilities that you may have – where a member of the public or employee claim that they have suffered loss or injury as a result of your business activity. The cover will pay out for legal defence costs as well as any compensation that is subsequently agreed or rewarded.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What else might I need to consider when buying Cleaning Insurance?

There are a number of additional insurance covers that you may wish to consider including on your Cleaning Insurance policy:

  • Personal Accident – Protecting you in the event that injury means you can’t work or run your business for a period.
  • Office – Where you run your cleaning business from premises, you may wish to consider protecting the building and contents, including furniture and IT equipment
  • Van – If you have a van that you use to get staff and equipment out to jobs, you can include the commercial vehicle insurance that you will need on your cleaning insurance policy. Where you have 2 or more vans, you could be eligible to take advantage of a mini fleet or fleet cover.

Why choose Viking Direct Insurance Services for my Insurance needs?

Viking Direct Insurance Services has been established to offer fast, cost-effective, business insurance solutions exactly when you need them. With a selection of policy options from over 75 insurers, there’s a wide choice and it’s all backed up by a UK based call centre. Why not get in touch today and see what you could save on your Cleaning Insurance policy?

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