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Why buy your Business Insurance from Viking Direct Insurance Services?

  • Get quotes from a range of leading insurance brands
  • Quick turnaround on quotes and documentation
  • Flexible payment & finance options
  • Cover available for a wide range of trades, professions and businesses
  • Buy a commercial combined policy, a tailor-made package for your business needs

What types of businesses can get insurance via Viking Direct Insurance Services?

A wide range of businesses working across a variety of sectors can find the cover that they need through Viking Direct Insurance Services. These include:

Beauty Therapist Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Beauty Therapist Insurance

Liability cover including treatment risk as well as quality cover for business contents, equipment and stock.

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Cleaning Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Cleaning Insurance

Cover for cleaning contractor businesses working in residential and commercial premises.

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D&O Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

D&O Insurance

Protect the Directors’ and Officers in your business from claims made against them personally.

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Engineering Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Engineering Insurance

Contractors all risk cover with IT equipment, machinery movement and damage cover as well as deterioration of stock.

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Hospitality Insurance  through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Hospitality Insurance

From B&B through to pubs, bars, restaurants and gyms, we’ve got you covered.

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Manufacturers Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Manufacturers Insurance

Liability cover, including product liability, together with protection for business premises and equipment – including tools, plant and machinery.

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Office Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Office Insurance

Liability insurance together with a wide range of protection for your premises and business content.

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Salon Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Salon Insurance

Protection for salon-based businesses – including those offering complementary therapies.

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Shop Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Shop Insurance

Get the cover that you need for your retail business, including cover for stock.

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Surgery Insurance through Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

Surgery Insurance

Liability, buildings and contents insurance for surgeries – including medical equipment.

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Tailored insurance solutions for all businesses

One size rarely fits all, and our insurance experts can help you find the just the right cover for your business.

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What Business Insurance do I need for my business?

Without wanting to sound cliché, that really does depend on the type of business you are running. It also depends on your own preferences, too. Because there are many variables, it’s worth taking advice. That way you get the cover you need, without paying for protection you don’t require.

The only type of business insurance that you are required to have by law, is Employers Liability. It is required where you have anyone working under your instruction, including directors. It is not limited to PAYE employees, it could also be a casual, part-time worker.

Other types of cover you might want to think about

There are a range of other business insurance covers that you should consider, too:

  • Other Liability insurance covers. Public Liability, for example, which works similarly to Employers Liability. Liability covers are designed to protect your business from accusations of wrongdoing, incompetence or malpractice that has allegedly led to harm to a Third Party.
  • Commercial Property buildings insurance. If you own your own business premises, they’re likely to be a significant asset to the business. Because of this, you’ll want to protect them with a Commercial Property Buildings policy. In fact, where you have a mortgage, Commercial Property building insurance is almost certainly going to be a condition of your lender. No matter whether you rent or own, you should consider Commercial Property Contents cover, because this will take care of your business office equipment and furniture.
  • Other business insurance. Depending on your trade, profession and type of business, there are countless potential business insurance covers which may be relevant and worth considering. So you might want to insure stock and other assets. It could be you have plant and machinery or the tools of your trade to think about. If you supply and distribute either your own or a Third Parties’ goods, you may need to consider Good in Transit insurance, too.

When buying Commercial Insurance, it’s really worth taking a step back and thinking about every aspect of what your particular business does. So, consider where you face risks, what the possible consequences might be, and whether your business would benefit from a cover. The alternative is to consider a Business Combined insurance policy.

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Viking Direct Insurance Services UK

What is Business Combined Insurance?

Business Combined insurance is often referred to as Commercial Combined Insurance. It is a type of business insurance policy that is designed to cover all aspects of a business’s insurance requirements on a single policy.

It can be tailored to a business’s particular requirements.  So, a policy designed for a retail business might differ from that designed for a manufacturer. The advantages of a tailored Business Combined insurance policy include convenience because you only have a single policy to administer.  And because it’s all on a single policy, there can be potential cost savings, too.

Why compare business insurance with Viking Direct Insurance Services?

Comparing Business Insurance can be bewildering and time consuming. Small print loaded with jargon isn’t many people’s idea of fun. But because making the right choice for your business is really important, it makes sense to work with professionals. We work with a range of leading UK insurers – from Aviva to Zurich – so we have access to many options. Because of this, our UK based team of insurance specialists offer genuinely independent advice. So, give the specialist team a call today, and find out how much you could save on your business insurance.

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